Français Ariane Books

Tom Kenyon

One of the most respected sound healers in the world todayNeither the voice nor the man can be explained in one paragraph
or in any combination of words. He is essence of, manifestation of,
emanation of… and his vitality, his magic and his integrity cannot
be articulated in electronic swipes of ink on a papyrus of light particles
captured on a computer screen. So we invite you to feel his work
through what you sense reading these words and listening to the sound
bites, which can no more adequately capture his voice than words can
portray the man.

Tom’s life studies and many lifetimes of remembrances, complete
with background knowledge and experience allow him to move with
equal facility between Tibetan Buddhism, Egyptian High Alchemy,
Taoism and Hinduism and the sciences relative to each. A workshop
or teaching experience with him leaves you empowered with a vast
body of knowledge suffused with tones that awaken all the physical
centers, thus allowing for greater understanding of the words and Spirit
imparted. You can reach Tom at: