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Monika Muranyi

Monika Muranyi has always had a deep affinity and connection with Gaia, Mother Earth.This led her to university where she obtained a Bachelor of Applied Science degree with Honors at Southern Cross University in New South Wales, Australia. Monika has worked in various national parks within Australia and New Zealand for over fifteen years. Her ideal heaven was to be communing with nature in remote landscapes of breath taking beauty. Following a spiritual awakening she began to explore the deeper mysteries of Gaia and the universe.

This new calling led Monika to move to New Zealand. While in New Zealand she began her training as an accredited Electro Magnetic Field (EMF) Balancing TechniqueTM Practitioner (Phases I to XIII). After moving back to Australia Monika began to travel with the Kryon team as synchronicity allowed. Her passion also includes photography and many of her photograph’s can also be seen on Lee Carroll’s website:

Monika has carefully researched the information that she includes in her books. As part of her research she has travelled to many places to discover what Gaia, Kryon and humanity has to say. Some of the places where she has travelled include Australia, New Zealand, United States, Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Venezuela, Mexico, Hawaii, Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Bulgaria, Hungary, Switzerland, Spain and Portugal. Monika has also participated in several indigenous ceremonies with Shamans in Peru, Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Hawaii.

The inspiration to write her first book, The Gaia Effect – The remarkable system of collaboration between Gaia and Humanity, occurred when she was living in Santiago, Chile. A place that vibrates strongly with the Kundalini energy of the Earth! She is currently working on two other books that make a trilogy of the Kryon work. The next two books will focus on the Human Akash and Spiritual Evolution, again driven by the wisdom and teachings of Kryon, as channelled by Lee Carroll.