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Martine Vallée

Publisher, author, humanitarian
The interest in all that is spiritual started very early in Martine Vallée’s life, particularly after reading two books that changed her life: Life and Teachings of the Masters of the Far East by Baird Thomas Spalding and Life after Life by Raymond Moody.
Since 1994, through Ariane Publications and with her brother Marc Vallée, she has been publishing spiritual books for the French community around the world. In 2012, after eighteen years as a publisher, she decided to leave her company to pursue more global issues full time, especially issues related to women and their empowerment. Even though she has left Ariane Publications, she still collaborates with her brother for very special editorial projects.
In 2010, she created a foundation called PassionCompassion. She strongly believes that the combination of love, compassion, and pure intention creates a force that will bring about great changes in the world, especially for women.
Martine lives in Montreal and shares her time between her humanitarian projects, her family, her friends and her great love publishing.
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