Français Ariane Books
256 pages
ISBN 978-2-89626-379-0
Publication: 10-10-2016
Price: 16,95$ $

Healing and Cellular Transmutation

This powerful book is essential to our conscious participation in the transformation of human society and Earth matrix. A Great Work is taking place in our DNA, glands and physical tissues, as well as in our chakras and subtle bodies. A new nourishment is now available to facilitate this great transmutation process. Learn what this nourishment is, how it is made of particles from a variety of sources, and how to absorb this nourishment to regenerate health, access higher vibrational frequencies, and best support our evolution at this time.

“The objective of this treatise on the new particles is to awaken, enlighten and stimulate humans so they may experience the current mutation process in an increasingly balanced way. It reveals the critical importance of these particles in the pursuit of vitality at the cellular and psychic levels — and for global health. These particles will be the preferred nourishment of people in the New World. They will ensure a balanced use of their faculties, a high rate of cellular regeneration and more power to collaborate in the creation of a new humanity.”